16th May 2019

Deadline For Free X-PAD-3 Upgrade 


There are still two weeks to apply for the free upgrade from X-PAD-3 Android to X-PAD Ultimate Android. Do not miss the deadline 30th May 2019.
Afterwards, the upgrade is chargeable. Therefore, please act in good time before it costs your money!

21st March 2019

Thanks to the NESTLE double C-clamp model no. 14961000 always a hand free

18th February 2019

We are ready - for you


GeoMax surveying systems will help you to solve all construction surveying tasks, e.g. check heights, inclinations, planes, stake out axis, determine volume.  GeoMax total stations and satellite measuring system are suitable for simple and especially for complex applications. The easy-to-learn

X-PAD software supports measurements and working even with little prior knowledge.


Our GeoMax sales team is ready to launch in all directions, because GeoMax brought to you by NESTLE.


4th February 2019

Remarkable commitment


1970: The Beatles break up, the British rock band Queen is founded, Irmgard Mutz starts her apprenticeship at Gottlieb Nestle GmbH and remains with a lot of commitment uninterruptedly loyal at the company. As part of the annual celebration, Irmgard Mutz was honored for her remarkable passion and retired.

Hubert Schal was also honored for 10 years with Gottlieb Nestle GmbH.


21th December 2018

The NESTLE Team thanks all our business partners for cooperation 2018 and wishes everybody Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.


15th December 2018

NESTLE Cross line laser NCL-2G with green laser beam


For vertical or horizontal alignment of objects in interior work, cross-line lasers are a versatile tool. The green laser beam of the NCL-2G is perceived much better by the human eye than a red laser beam, especially in bright conditions.


The NESTLE NCL-2G with green laser beam is now available.

Your field representative is looking forward to further questions about the NCL-2G.

15th November 2018

NESTLE Utensil-O


Ruler, spray paint, chalk, nails, pencil, roll measuring tape, chalk line and much more fit into the NESTLE Utensil-O. The

robust container is attached to the prism or GNSS rod by means of a C-clamp, so all small parts are quickly at hand.


At the Intergeo 2018 in Frankfurt, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH presented the prototype of the Utensil-O.


Your NESTLE sales team will be pleased to inform you about the NESTLE Utensil-O.

22nd October 2018

New product: NESTLE Carbon tripod PI-02 Jumbo


The NESTLE carbon tripod PI-02 Jumbo extends the series of tripods for precision and industrial surveying. When setting up tripods, unintentional torques in the tripod head can occur; these forces have a negative effect on measurements. In addition to the central strut and the double clamp on the tripod legs, the tripod PI-02 provides additional head clamping for complete relief of the torque on the tripod head.


Technicaal specification 

Model no.                          31023000

Working height                  98-160 cm

Transport                           L: 107cm, D: 30cm

Head                                 Flat, round

Connection                        5/8“, elevator optionally

Weight                               6.300 g


5th October 2018

Creating space for new things


At our headquarter in Dornstetten, we create space for new things! GeoMax rotating laser Zone 60DG is working with  NESTLE heavy-duty tripod at a height of 452cm. 

30th August 2018

New Product: NESTLE Universal Carrier NUT-9G


The NESTLE Universal carrier NUT-9G is used to mount rotary lasers on walls, angle rails, tripods or batter boards. With the help of the adjusting screw

an instrument can be moved exactly and simply on the universal carrier. The universal carrier is suitable for both vertical and horizontal operation. A measuring

scale in cm and inch supports the exact alignment of the instrument on the slide.


With the included L-bend 90 °, GeoMax laser receivers (ZRP105, ZRD105x) can be mounted on batter boards for vertical operation.

23rd July 2018

New product at Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH - Hydraulic Felling Wedge ARNOLD-S


At the INTERFORST 2018, the leading trade fair for forestry technology & forestry, Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH presented

the hydraulic felling wedge ARNOLD-S as a new product.


The hydraulic felling wedge ARNOLD-S enables stepless and vibration-free wedging during tree felling. With the pump

unit rotatable by 360 °, the wedge can be moved forwards and backwards. At just 9.9 kg in weight, ARNOLD-S produce

a lifting capacity of 28.5 t at 690 N. ARNOLD-S is 100% Made in Germany and KWF tested.

Data sheet:


Ask your Gottlieb NESTLE dealer, or our sales representatives.

11th July 2018

Health and safety promotion for manhole cover lifter


With the manhole cover lifter Art.No. 21000000 of Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH, manhole covers can be opened and closed simply, save

and ergonomically. The german employers mutual insurance association of the construction industry - BG Bau - promotes the use of these

devices for the reduction of diseases of the spine and the hand-arm system with a bonus.


Ask your Gottlieb NESTLE dealer, or our sales representatives.


Your link to the grant application

04th April 2018


Our new catalogue is available in English, German and French. You find it under "Downloads"

27th March 2018

Partner training - even in freezing temperatures

Despite freezing temperatures during this year's partner training on the subject Modern building surveying,

all participants took part with much interest and commitment in the practical applications also outdoors.

We thank all participants for your visit.

Do you also take interest in participating in our partner training?
Please contact your local Nestle sales representative.

08th February 2018

GeoMax AG and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH in BENELUX

we are very pleased to announce that GeoMax decided to enlarge the strategic partnership with Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, currently successfully

working in the DACH Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), also to the BENELUX region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

to further strengthen and develop the distribution of the GeoMax Surveying – Construction products across these countries.


GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH have joined forces since January the 1st 2018 in order to highlight the reliability and durability of the GeoMax

products to the BENELUX market. Therefore, it is now also called in BENELUX GeoMax brought to you by Nestle .

Our sales staff for BENELUX are looking forward to your questions.

10th January 2018

Thanks and honor for your full commitment

During our yearly ceremony Waldtraut Halder and Johan Kruczek were honored for 10 years (both not at foto), and Ines Girrbach

for 25 years of service for Gottlieb Nestle GmbH.

"Your experience and commitment are very important and valuable to our company!", said Bernd Nestle, thanking the honored

employees for their reliability and loyalty to the company.

4th Dezember 2017

NESTLE Octoliner G now with green laser beam


The human eye recognizes green light significantly better than red light. Due to the green laser beam of all laser lines the Octoliner G impresses with a

better visibility of the projected lines.


The Octoliner G has the following properties:

- 360° horizontal line

- 4 switchable vertical lines and red bottom plump

- Motorized self-leveling (can be switched off)

- 5/8 "connection, tangent screws, adjustable foot screws

- Accuracy + -1.5 mm / 10 m

- Optional available Receiver Decto G (Art.No. 16829000)


Thanks to the green laser lines, the Octoliner G is especially suitable for drywall construction, electricians, heating and ventilation builders and for all

renovation work


Ask your dealer for the NESTLE Octoliner G article number 16114001.

7th November 2017

Bildungswerk of the Association of German Surveying Engineers at Gottlieb Nestle GmbH


During sunny autumn weather, Bernd Nestle gave an insight into production. Visitors were surprised and impressed by the high

production depth at Gottlieb Nestle GmbH. By coffee and pretzels an overview of the product range as well as the mode of operation

for product development was explained in a lecture.


Gottlieb Nestle GmbH is particularly grateful for the interesting questions and suggestions of the VDV's visitors during the visit.

26th Octobre 2017

NESTLE wooden tripod-I - the right tripod for every application

Min-I, Mid-I and Max-I are the new tripods from the Nestle wooden tripod line.


- Min-I for special applications with low working heights (e.g., industry, stairs, scanning)


- Mid-I optimal transport length for almost all car trunk rooms.


- Max-I for large work heights (e.g. machine control)


- Optimal working heights for all your applications.


Also ask for our Carbon tripod line GEO for total stations and scanners.

2nd Octobre 2017

NESTLE Surveyor trolley NT-400


At the Intergeo 2017 in Berlin, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH successfully presented the NESTLE Surveyor Trolley NT-400 as a world premiere.

The NESTLE Surveyor Trolley NT-400 is a foldable, three-wheeled trolley for picking up and transporting your

surveying equipment as well as marketing material.


Your NESTLE Sales team will be pleased to inform you about the NESTLE Surveyor Trolley NT-400.


23rd June 2017

360 ° brackets for Tripods with triangular head


For field measurements - especially with manual total stations - field computers are also used on the tripod. Thanks to the 360 °

rotatable computer holder, field computers can be ergonomically attached to tripods with a triangular head.


For Tripods with a triangular head plate:


                    - Computer holder 360 ° with ball connector Art.-No. 14964000

                    - Computer holder 360 ° with serrated washer coupling (Leica) Art.-No. 14964021

                    - Computer holder 360 ° with pin coupling Art.-No. 14970000

20th April 2017

More safety with NESTLE tripod warning kilt


- Increase your visibility and that of your instrument through the NESTLE tripod warning kilt. The tripod warning kilt is simply placed around

   the tripod head and closed with the hook and loop fastener.


- The reflective strips also increase the visibility and thus the safety when light is incident. Ideal for application in tunnel construction or

   at stand points with poor light conditions.


- Ask your Nestle dealer for the Tripod Warning Kit Art.No. 13935000.

28th February 2017

50th participant at NESTLE product training in Dornstetten welcomed


On NESTLE product training the fifties participant was welcomed on 22nd and 23rd February. This time, the regular training on products had the focus on modern building surveying with rotary lasers, total stations and GPS for beginners and sales. In lectures and many practical exercises the handling of the products was intensively trained so that the participants could get a good insight into the application possibilities and their benefits.


If you would like to take the opportunity to refresh your knowledge or that of your employees, please contact your local Nestle sales representative.

The next NESTLE product training will take place on the 30th + 31st March 2017 in Dornstetten.

17th February 2017

Presentation New Generation NESTLE Pulsar Series


We are glad to present you today our new generation of NESTLE Pulsar laser series.

From now on you receive our established PULSAR laser with following changes:


-       Design:          Facelift housing red


-       Receiver:       New developed top-quality receiver – Made in Germany –

                               (for PULSAR H, HVR and 2S)


-       Case:             Small and compact case, which includes all accessories, but also fits into storage rack or car


New models of PULSAR H and HVR are available now, Pulsar HVG and 2S within a short time.

Old models are available as long as stock lasts.

Pulsar Facelift News EN

New Generation NESTLE Pulsar Series


7th February 2017

Future builds on experience


It is less and less common for one to remain with the same employer all his life. Therefore, it is important to appreciate the loyalty and reliability of long-term employees. In a ceremony, Alina Wycislik was retired after 23 years. Bernd Frey, Markus Zukschwerdt, Thomas Fürstler and Rainer Gerster were honoured for 25 years of company affiliation and Klaus Kowalewski (not on the picture) for 10 years.


"The experience of the employees build the foundation for a successful future of the company," said Bernd Nestle and thanked the honored employees for their reliability and loyalty to the company.

Jubilare 2016

from left: Bernd Frey, Markus Zukschwerdt, Thomas Fürstler, Alina Wycislik, Bernd Nestle, Rainer Gerster


17th January 2017

GeoMax brought to you by Nestle

GeoMax names Gottlieb Nestle GmbH master dealer


Germany firm becomes distribution hub for the DACH Region


GeoMax, the dependable surveying and construction product provider, announced today Gottlieb Nestle GmbH, recognised manufacturer and distributor of surveying and construction products and accessories, as its master dealer for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


“Offering an exclusive hub for our quality surveying and construction tools through Gottlieb Nestle GmbH’s well-positioned place in the market gives users a central liaison in the DACH region,” said Katherine Broder, GeoMax president. “This pairing of our well-known performance in the field with the efficiency of Gotttlieb Nestle GmbH’s recognised distribution brings our customers an easier means to obtain the equipment they need while receiving the support they’ve come to depend on.”  


A partnership in the making

Based in Dornstetten, Germany, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH entered into a strategic partnership with GeoMax to distribute its Construction Portfolio in April 2016. Providing durable and dependable products to the construction market, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH quickly realised the comprehensive range of products not only met construction professionals needs but could also support the needs of Gottlieb Nestle GmbH’s surveying customers.


“We’ve actively introduced our customers  to GeoMax products because of the dependability and advanced technology,” said Andreas Kern, Gottlieb Nestle GmbH sales manager. “Once we saw how much our construction customers benefitted from the advanced technology, we knew GeoMax tools could also bring more savings and production to our surveying customers. We’re excited to share the GeoMax Construction and now Surveying Portfolio throughout the entire DACH region.”  


A partnership in action

GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH will be exhibiting at Bau 2017, GeoMax at Hall C3, Stand 639 and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH at Hall A6, Stand 533. Media members are welcomed to visit the stands and speak with subject matter experts throughout the event about the many offerings of GeoMax and Gottlieb Nestle GmbH.


For more Information:

GeoMax names Gottlieb Nestle GmbH master dealer


05th December 2016

Ergonomic and mobile - with the NESTLE tripod bag


While surveying in the field suitable station-points are often only accessible on foot. With the NESTLE tripod bag, tripods can be safely and ergonomically

transported and offer protection against dirt during transport in vehicles as well as a very good securing against slipping. The NESTLE tripod bag is also

suitable for tripod transport on air travel.


Thanks to the practical carrying strap, tripods can be transported ergonomically.

Ask for the NESTLE tripod bag with zipper and carrying strap Art. 13931001


20th November 2016

Apprentices of Gottlieb Nestle GmbH honored for excellence


The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Nordschwarzwald honored the best apprentices with a ceremony in the Congress-Centrum Pforzheim

at the end of October. This included our trainee Bente Mönninghoff (pic. right), who completed her apprenticeship with "very good" and received the

award of the Landrat at the ESS as the best trainee.

"You can be proud of your final exams with such an excellent result," congratulated Burkhard Thost, President of the IHK Nordschwarzwald.


Managing Director Bernd Nestle and Training Officer Daniela Seeger (pic. left) congratulate Mrs Mönninghoff on this exceptional performance, and

are delighted that she has been able to be gained as an employee for customer support. Bente Mönninghoff is looking forward to seeing you.