NESTLE Elevating tripods, heavy – Model No. 13500000, 13501000, 13502000

Heavy aluminium version, self-impeding

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500,00 €

Heavy aluminium version, self-impeding

• These elevating tripods are suitable for heavy rotating lasers.
• With the gear reduction (0,7cm crank elevation / revolution) a specific height can be approached easily. Even when burdened with heavy laser devices, the 35cm crank can be moved without effort.
• Models 13501000 and 13502000 have a double side clamping for maximum clamping force. This patented system works directly in the direction of force. This provides for maximum stability especially at large heights.
• When required, the tripod legs tips can be covered with rubber caps. This ensures safe positioning on smooth ground and prevents damages of surfaces like parquet flooring and paving tiles.
• We only use high-quality aluminium for the tubes and profiles. The anodized aluminium parts are weather-proof for toughest use.
• The aluminium tubes slide without jamming. This prevents the material from wear and keeps the tripod ready for use over a long period of time.
• The plastic parts are made of polymer-fibreglass composite and are extremely robust. These quality characteristics make NESTLE tripods the superior choice in comparison to competitive products.
• Solid tips.

Product Sheet: NESTLE Elevating tripods, heavy – Model No. 13500000, 13501000, 13502000